Sunday, November 15, 2009

think hOw different it wOuld be if yOu never met the one persOn whO changed everything..

I guess nObOdy ever really dOes mean tO fall in lOve.
But it happens and lOve brands itself on yOur brain.
It`s like a new street appearing overnight in the city yOu`ve lived in yOur whOle life.
The street is one way, yOu can`t turn arOund and get out..



random pix...

okey....this what happend since we mOved in tO the new crib...

-new peOple
-chilling at park
-sweden trip..fOoood
-hOusewarming party
-in with the new..out with the old..hah..
-lots`a pOker night
-job hunting to the max
-ikea furniture
-library days...nO net at the hOuse that time..
-late summer nights
-finally gOt a wOrk...prOud
-goodbye/surprise party
-birthday parties
-blog block..heh
-dusseldorf trip ftw
-family time
-parents visiting for the first time
-new family members frOm the pinas
-friends tripping
-lots of cafe tripping with friends
-cOpenhagen trip...again
-and so on...on..on....zzzzz


Sunday, November 1, 2009


winter is just around the cOrner.. :(


3years and 2mOnths...