Sunday, July 5, 2009


wOrk wOrk wOrk...aaah..
sO sick and tired..

2mOre weeks, then im dOne..aaah...finally enjOy summervacatiOn...ya digg.

anyways, we finally fixed a rentcar, sO we be mOving our stuff frOm july.14..yeeey!
Im so exited, sO hella sick of Lillehammer right nOw,
but i truly gOnna miss this place.
Been here 4years nOw, sO its a part of me sOmehOw..hehe!
well, this week Mak, Leny and Lilly visited us. Nothing much tO tell, was mOstly hOme at our crib..sO friiikiiin hOoot, like Pinas hOoot..aah!
shOwed Mak arOund Lillehammer`s Mall..haha,(nOthing tO brag abOut,hah)..lOts of sale,
but like always..nO mOneeey,hehe!
saving fOr me and F trip.

Uh yeah,we were planning of flying tO Egypt,
but we bOoked the BarcelOna tour instead.
Ah sweeeet, 4days celebrating oUr anniversary..can`t wait^^


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