Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday tO PAPPA...

Pappa`s birthday...didn`t celebrate that much thOugh, he do that tOmOrrow..cheeers^^
Went tO tOwn..lOts of peOple....haaay.
Saw Tante..nice tO se her again<3
later on, me, F, Leny, Mak, Lilly, Joseph, Rea, Alma and HÃ¥kon saw TransfOrmers:Revenge of the fallen..aaaaaw..totally lOve it, was lOt of funny mOments.. sO inlOoove with Shia,
and Megan sO hOooot:P
On our way hOme we saw Pappa and Mamma..they were on a date..haha..a mcdo date.
Still sweet thOugh,ahah
StoPped by Kati`s crib befOre we headed hOme...chilled there fOr a bit.
We were tirsty eh,haha


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