Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday tO PAPPA...

Pappa`s birthday...didn`t celebrate that much thOugh, he do that tOmOrrow..cheeers^^
Went tO tOwn..lOts of peOple....haaay.
Saw Tante..nice tO se her again<3
later on, me, F, Leny, Mak, Lilly, Joseph, Rea, Alma and Håkon saw TransfOrmers:Revenge of the fallen..aaaaaw..totally lOve it, was lOt of funny mOments.. sO inlOoove with Shia,
and Megan sO hOooot:P
On our way hOme we saw Pappa and Mamma..they were on a date..haha..a mcdo date.
Still sweet thOugh,ahah
StoPped by Kati`s crib befOre we headed hOme...chilled there fOr a bit.
We were tirsty eh,haha


uh yeah..
i`m finally hOme, gOod! it tOok fOrever tO get here..damn..we were 2hOurs delay.fak shiiiit!!
wellwell, at hOme we ate right hungreeey.
Mak came alsO today..nice tO see him again..was kinda "shy" at first:Phaha..oks lang..



Sunday, June 21, 2009


at the new apartment...I want a bed (bedroom) like of thOse...aaaaw


every secOnd

photo: Jen H

pasta carbOnara...

carbOnara fOr fav...F didn`t ate much, cause he went tO this meeting fOr "coop mega"...:d..mOre for me then^^
nO happenings, really a boring life this day. Work, sleep and eat..
sO gOt nothing to tell yah guys.
Well there actually one thing. we finally gOt an apartment, hurray!..We be mOving in the end of july..can`t wait^¨..sO much tO do..but,..yeye!!happyhappyhappy..
wOrk again tOmorrow, only three 3days though. Cause on wednesday i`m cOming hOme Tønsberg. Be good tO se the family again^^..sO much happening this week..
tell bOut it later^^..
nOw i`m watching "sO yOu think yOu can dance season 5"...aaah ooove it..

the resuLt...digg

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

jimmy choo x hm

waaaaaaah...can`t wait!!
Jimmy ChOo will bring it`s internatiOnal glamOur and cOvetable shOes and bags tO selected H&M stOres. The collection will be available from November 14....yeeeeeeeeeey!!!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

saturday night chill

free all day..
watching series on the
mini oreOs
ice creaaaaaaam....

cOol kid


Friday, June 12, 2009

Julia RestiOn RoitfeLd

at hOme in New York

phOto by: the selby


Mischa BartOn...

sOurce: ? dOnt remember...sOorry..

summer vacatiOn and graduated....

weeeuw...updates finally...

well, gOnna update mOre often, nOw that i`m "stress free",
meaning nO schOol, .exam, prOject, case and all that jazZz..heh!
Just wOrk, wOrk and wOrk. Every day until july17. SummervacatiOn finally. Me and F are planning tO travel sOmewhere, dunnO wer yet, a anniversary trip...weeeeee..

bOut mOving tO Lillestrøm/Strømmen. Well,still trying tO find a apartment, aiaiai! it`s hard. Leny is sO slOw..hehe..jOke..

anyways..gOtta gO..
me huuuungry..


I was bOred at wOrk...I just sat there and waited until it was five o`clock...
and yeah BTW...
me and F. 34mOnths tOday...yey..
happy mOnthsary...
F gave me this..aaawwWww
kenzOooo summer editiOn <3
new perfume tO mah cOllectiOn..ya digg


me and F made this amaaaaziiiing hOmemade curry...ya digg!
ah,...okeey..F did, i was cOuchsurfing..waiting fOr the dinner..heh
chicken filet and pOtatOes..

onion and paprika...

cocO milk,..hehe..

curreeeeey pOwder...

the resuLt....


cOpenhagen trip....again..

cOpenhagen trip (again)with F, Leny & Levy..

....outside the "opera hOuse"...feeling tOurist..
obLi. grOup pix..getting ready fOr taxfreee shOpping...
sO happy...
we saw the sunset...hOw nice..haha..
biff burger...eeh...
bacardi time....


tivOli...yey..was fun...bring`n back the memOries...the child in us..hehe..

and the reasOn we...or I, went tO cOpenhagen...yeah..KFC.... <3<3<3