Thursday, February 26, 2009

i want me...ayt?..
e-bOok..haha...nO mOre paper..
amazOne kindLe..
future is here...:D:D

me and F were planning tO spend our eastervacatiOn at the big city...New York bebe.
but, hmmmmm:( sOmething came up, F has tO fix his paper first. have tO apply fOr nOrwegian citizenship, cuz its tO cOmpLicated with fiLipinO passpOrt..
sO have tO wait..hOpefuLLy it be dOne befOre summer...
sO in the meantime..dreaming^^
-madisOn square garden
-emipre state buiLding
-naked guy
-rOckefeLLer center & skater rink
-times square
-museum of mOdern art
-tiffany & cO
-bryant park
-aLice undergrOund
-piknik at centraL park
-statue of libirty
-grand centraL terminaL
-eLLis isLand immigratiOn museum
-aLL the fOOd
-ooh and so on...reaL tOurist:P:P

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pixs: weekend..

-lavprisekspressen bus tO Oslo s
-free internet at the bus..heLLa nice
-met Leny& LiLLy
- surpriiiiiise..happy 20 e.j
-fun nigth
-wake up caLL..haha
-RĂ¥ 90`s
-step up 3
-beach party
-lavprisekspressen again