Friday, January 30, 2009


Jessheim this weekend..

brb ayt


Thursday, January 29, 2009


lOoong day..
start at wOrk 8am tO 1pm, skuL 2pm tO 6pm..

nOw im packing. GOing tO Jessheim this weekned, sO excited, can`t wait tO ceLebrate Shasha`s bday, greaaat!!

watching Oprah asweLL. TaLking `bOut this mOvie "Secret Lifes of Bees"..sO nice..
saw that mOvie last weekend...
"its `bOut a taLe of LiLy Owens a 14 year-oLd girL whO is haunted by the memOry of her late mOther. To escape her lOneLy life and trOubLed reLatiOnship with her father, LiLy fLees with ROsalLeen, her caregiver and onLy friend, tO a SOuth CarOlina tOwn that hOLds the secret to her mOther's past. Taken in by the inteLLigent and independent BOatwright sisters, LiLy finds sOLace in their mesmerizing wOrLd of beekeeping..."
sOme of the cast: DakOta Fanning, Queen Latifah, ALicia Keys, Jenifer HudsOn and SOphie OkOnedO...
Go WATCh it guys...

sO inlOve with this sOng...
SuperwOman by ALicia Keys..
this sOng reaLLy shOws REAL women whO struggLed aLOt but stiLL suceeded in life.
*sObbing my head off*


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

an update..

..exam finaLLy dOne...oh its gOod tO be exam 2mOnths...
i can breathe nOooow....gaaaaaah!
mah bOobiii at wOrk, his gOing tO Jessheim after that. Visiting his sis Shasha..
Me, dO sOme hOmewOrk, read the new bOok, cLean the apartment, eat, the mentaList and then off tO bed..earLie duty at wOrk tOmOrrOw...aiaia...
sO cute...

weekend, was nice. Just chiLL`d with Levy and F, didn`t dO much!
twiLight feeLing..
Saturday we went "shOpping"... fOund thOse cute tshirt tO our "inaanak"...
watch`d mOvies "secret Lifes of the Bees" and "WithOut a PaddeL"...nicenice..
what a weather...
sis labing..nyaks
cOffee..sO cOld...
sunday was nuttin..wOke up late, heLLa chiLL..
EliseO back in tOwn,..ate spagetti..yum..
smOked again,haha..but didn`t bOught it, sO its aiight ayt?..ahha
mOnday was wOrk and schOoL. Exam reading.
new bOok "The Boy Next dOor" by JOsie LlOyd & EmiLyn Rees..
ELiseO visiting again, ate pancit...
E.R & L-wOrd rest of the evening..

im dOne..


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

badtrip...and badtrip again...

its a bummer maaaajn, i`ve been meaning tO gO tO the this spectacuLar event...but yOu knOw me, takes time..sO,yeah damn sOld out..
im taLking bOut....RaphaeL Saadiq....aiaiai...buhay as!!!


exam tOmOrrow..
that`s why been buseeey...aiaia..

gOtta sLeep..update wiLL cOme..

wish me luck..



He Never Said He Had A GirLfriend...

new episOde of "The City"...

BRB ayt..


Saturday, January 24, 2009


woke up earLiii,went tO schOoL..stiLL tired, kinda sLeepwaLking again!
schOoL was fucked up..the teacher was sick..damn. Was irritated...
sO went tO the library, thOught tO read sOme pages of the upcoming exam..
Then mah bOss caLLed, ask if I cOuLd wOrk sOme hOurs..YEh I said, mOneymOney..
tOoked the first bus..wOrked frOm 9am tiL 2pm..just 5hOurs!..just enOugh tO buy a pair of vans..hahaha!!...

at wOrk..

just had tO take pic of mah new bag..haha..

hays..seminar again...aLways.

FrOsty the snOwman...XXXL versiOn..waaaaks!!

lil sis in tOwn...didn`t dO much, oLd same oLd..
ooh yeh, levy bOught "gerrO"..hihi.. yeh we smOked again...
anywhOoo, saw this weirdO mOvie, sO weird..sOmething `bOut a pOrtaL tO jOhn MaLkOvich mind..yOu can be John MaLkOvich fOr 15.min..haha..didn`t get much..sO totaLLy fucked up...

im out..


Thursday, January 22, 2009


pictures frOm here and there..
oLd and new...
ugLy and beautifuL...
bLack and white..
bLurred and cLeared...

anywaaays...just meeee...
u mOoofooo


hurray fOr LILLY...

Happy Birthday LiLLybOoongiii..

a pOem fOr yOu...

"Happy Birthday" Means Much More

"Happy Birthday" means much mOre.
Then have a happy day.
Within these wOrds lie lOts of things,
I never get tO say.
It means,
I lOve yOu first of aLL, then thanks fOr aLL yOu dO.
It means yOu mean a lOt tO me,
And that I`m prOud of yOu.
But mOst of aLL,
I guess it means,
that I am thinking of Your Happiness on this,
yOur day..
With pLeasure and with lOve..

by,NichOLas GordOn..


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


wOrk and schOoL again..
nattin much happend..
im hOme nOw, eatin waffeLs, with hOt chOco and watching new episOde of "the city"..
sO chiLL ryt..

later tO nyt, gOing tO mah cLasmate and just chitchat..
then hOme and readreadread fOr the exam...wich is next wednesday...:S:S:S

im out..
"the city" is waiting..bLææææ



Peaches HoneybLossOm GeLdOf...

lOove her styLe...


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

handmade and vintage jeweLLery

aaaw...loOk what i fOund...
soO cute..soO adOrabLe...lOve it...
just a reminder...birthday in `bOut 3mOnths..
yOu have lOts of time tO save mOney...haha..kiddin..

the fav...<3

fOr mOre visit the site:



new week....craaaaap..

mOnday again..friiiikiiin snOoow...

woke up with this shiiiitt....

kinda freakyyyy:S

started the day at wOrk..onLy 4hOurs, sO nO biggy...oor??..

was sO muuuch tO dO..shitt..came tO mah desk..the first thing i saw was that heLL of "tO dO nOtes"....daaaamn..sO i was busey ayt..



after wOrk..had "fOrelesning" but decide not tO gO..i went tO the library instead.. researching and read fOr the upcOming exam..:S:S:S pLan didn` t exactLy turned as i pLanned..I had my laptOp with me..sO i was surfing instead..haha... its reaLLy snOwiiish nOw...ouff....hatehatehate...
anywhOoo...after sOme cOupLe of pages..i headed tO "gå gaten"..:D:D..
fOund sOme 2 fLaneLL shirt and a reaLLy nice grey chinOs...oooh lOoove it!!...


The evening..was mOstLy tv watching and cLeaning the apartment..its sO dusty in here...damn...
had the best dinner fav salmOn fish and pasta saLad...
and my bOobii made it tO me...
lOove yOu be...muuuchOoo...

yum... out...