Sunday, November 15, 2009

think hOw different it wOuld be if yOu never met the one persOn whO changed everything..

I guess nObOdy ever really dOes mean tO fall in lOve.
But it happens and lOve brands itself on yOur brain.
It`s like a new street appearing overnight in the city yOu`ve lived in yOur whOle life.
The street is one way, yOu can`t turn arOund and get out..



random pix...

okey....this what happend since we mOved in tO the new crib...

-new peOple
-chilling at park
-sweden trip..fOoood
-hOusewarming party
-in with the new..out with the old..hah..
-lots`a pOker night
-job hunting to the max
-ikea furniture
-library days...nO net at the hOuse that time..
-late summer nights
-finally gOt a wOrk...prOud
-goodbye/surprise party
-birthday parties
-blog block..heh
-dusseldorf trip ftw
-family time
-parents visiting for the first time
-new family members frOm the pinas
-friends tripping
-lots of cafe tripping with friends
-cOpenhagen trip...again
-and so on...on..on....zzzzz


Sunday, November 1, 2009


winter is just around the cOrner.. :(


3years and 2mOnths...


Thursday, August 6, 2009

new tOwn, new peOple, new jOb, new shOes, new stuff...
and new crib...
life is great...


Saturday, August 1, 2009


finally internett at hOme..sO i`ll be updating real sOon...



Saturday, July 11, 2009

HAHA! I like this! a little creepy (when they jumped on the fence) yet awesome..
lOve it!



I want tO dO everything that I lOve
(especially yOu)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"im the sort of person who would rather stay at hOme,
than getting their picture taken"

old pix of Ashley Olsen (Nylon Magazine August 2006)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

DevOn Aoki...

shOt: by Katy Jones for i-D magazine JuneJuly 2009.
aaah Sunday...sO chiLL..
watching mOvies, series eating ice cream... aaaah love it
btw lOt of mOvies cOming up next year..yeey..
Beastly, IrOnman 2,
Alice In Wonderland (i loooooove Tim BurtOn)
Shrek gOes fOurth,
aaah can`t waaaaaaaaaait^^
if I cOuld wish one thing, I`d hear yOu call my name





wOrk wOrk wOrk...aaah..
sO sick and tired..

2mOre weeks, then im dOne..aaah...finally enjOy summervacatiOn...ya digg.

anyways, we finally fixed a rentcar, sO we be mOving our stuff frOm july.14..yeeey!
Im so exited, sO hella sick of Lillehammer right nOw,
but i truly gOnna miss this place.
Been here 4years nOw, sO its a part of me sOmehOw..hehe!
well, this week Mak, Leny and Lilly visited us. Nothing much tO tell, was mOstly hOme at our crib..sO friiikiiin hOoot, like Pinas hOoot..aah!
shOwed Mak arOund Lillehammer`s Mall..haha,(nOthing tO brag abOut,hah)..lOts of sale,
but like always..nO mOneeey,hehe!
saving fOr me and F trip.

Uh yeah,we were planning of flying tO Egypt,
but we bOoked the BarcelOna tour instead.
Ah sweeeet, 4days celebrating oUr anniversary..can`t wait^^

Pappa bday celebratiOn..was a fun day, lOts of peeps! really enjOyed it..
karaOke, fOod, gOod peOple and driiiinks:P:P
uuh yeh, at 1am we headed tO Esmeralda...i was sO really in the happy mOod..been awhile..first time like fOrever:P sO enjOooyed it..
lOts of gift:P


the fOod...yuuum


Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday tO PAPPA...

Pappa`s birthday...didn`t celebrate that much thOugh, he do that tOmOrrow..cheeers^^
Went tO tOwn..lOts of peOple....haaay.
Saw Tante..nice tO se her again<3
later on, me, F, Leny, Mak, Lilly, Joseph, Rea, Alma and HÃ¥kon saw TransfOrmers:Revenge of the fallen..aaaaaw..totally lOve it, was lOt of funny mOments.. sO inlOoove with Shia,
and Megan sO hOooot:P
On our way hOme we saw Pappa and Mamma..they were on a date..haha..a mcdo date.
Still sweet thOugh,ahah
StoPped by Kati`s crib befOre we headed hOme...chilled there fOr a bit.
We were tirsty eh,haha


uh yeah..
i`m finally hOme, gOod! it tOok fOrever tO get here..damn..we were 2hOurs delay.fak shiiiit!!
wellwell, at hOme we ate right hungreeey.
Mak came alsO today..nice tO see him again..was kinda "shy" at first:Phaha..oks lang..



Sunday, June 21, 2009


at the new apartment...I want a bed (bedroom) like of thOse...aaaaw


every secOnd

photo: Jen H